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Mein Drama Cast, Story, Release Date and More

Mein drama

Mein Drama remained one of the best Pakistani dramas at the beginning of 2024. It premiered on ARY digital under the production of Big Bang Entertainment. The love trio between Zaid, Ayra, and Mubashira Jaffar kept the audience hooked throughout the drama while engaging them with their strong-headed personalities. The drama starred everyone’s favourite Wahaj Ali, the ever-beautiful Ayeza Khan, and the extremely attractive Azekah Daniel in the lead roles. For more information about Mein Drama cast, story, release date, timings, and more, scroll below on this page.


Genre: Romantic, Drama

Director: Badar Mehmood

Writer: Zanjabeel Asim Shah

Language: Urdu

Producer: Mohammad Jarjees Seja

Production House: Big Bang Entertainment

Release Date: 7th August 2023

Channel Name: ARY Digital


Mein drama story revolves around some self-centred characters like Zaid, Mubashira, Ayra, and Asif. Their self-esteem and the determination to not bend in front of someone lead them into turmoil within themselves and their close relationships. While the characters suffer in relationships due to their dignity and self-centeredness, they have continuous battles within themselves for peace.

The love trio between Zaid, Ayra, and Mubashira, played by Wahaj Ali, Azekah Daniel, and Ayeza Khan, engaged the audience in siding with them. However, the ending of Mein drama remained heartbreaking as ego won and ruined families and love relationships.


The cast of Mein drama includes:

  • Wahaj Ali as Zaid Asif
  • Ayeza Khan as Mubashira Jaffar
  • Azekah Daniel as Ayra
  • Shahzad Nawaz as Asif
  • Agha Mustafa Hassan as Mohib
  • Aijaz Aslam as Ayra’s Brother
  • Sabeena Saeed as Kashmala
  • Nameer Khan as Ryan Jaffar
  • Usman Peerzada as Jafar
  • Aleezay Rasul as Ayra’s Sister in Law

Wahaj Ali as Zaid Asif

Mein drama

Wahaj Ali is everyone’s favourite Pakistani actor nowadays because of his famous roles as Murtasim in Tere Bin and Saad in Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha. Before entering showbiz, he completed his graduation from the University of Central Punjab, Lahore. Then, he went to the National College of Arts (NCA) for Master’s in Multimedia education. Then, he joined showbiz. Some of his famous drama serials are IShq Ibadat, Dil Nawaz, Ehd-e-Wafa, Fitoor, Ishq Jalebi, Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha, Tere Bin, 22 Qadam, and many more.

Ayeza Khan as Mubashira Jaffar

Mein drama

Ayeza Khan is an ever-beautiful Pakistani actress who has a huge fan following in Pakistan and elsewhere. She has married a famous Pakistani actor, Danish Taimoor and has two lovely kids. Ayeza is famous for her roles in drama serials like Yaariyan, Mere Pas Tum Ho, Chupke Chupke, Chand Taar, Jaan e Jahan and more.

Azekah Daniel as Ayra

Mein drama

Azekah Daniel is a beautiful Pakistani actress who is 27 years old. Before entering showbiz, she was a cabin crew member at Pakistan International Airline (PIA). Her famous drama serials are Cheekh, Dunk, Malal-e-Yaar, Ishq Zahe Naseeb, Balaa, and more.

Shahzad Nawaz as Asif

Shahzad Nawaz

Agha Mustafa Hassan as Mohib

Aijaz Aslam as Ayra’s Brother

Aijaz aslam

Sabeena Saeed as Kashmala

Mein drama

Nameer Khan as Ryan Jaffar

Nameer Khan

Usman Peerzada as Jafar


Aleezay Rasul as Ayra’s Sister in Law

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