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Fatima Effendi Biography

Fatima Effendi Biography | Age, Husband, Kids, Dramas

Fatima Effendi was born on December 17, 1992, in Karachi Pakistan. She is a renowned actress and model in the Pakistani entertainment industry. In addition, she is a very beautiful and talented actress in the Pakistan film industry. She has a very fan following on social media. Famous artist Fouzia Mushtaq was her mother. Furthermore, ...


Faiza Gillani Biography

Faiza Gillani Biography | Age, Family, Dramas List

Faiza Gillani is a Pakistani actress and model. She has worked in Television, films, and theatre in Pakistan. She is married and has two children. Furthermore, She began her acting career in 1996. However, she has been working in dramas and movies as a supporting role. In addition, she made her film debut in 2019 ...


Amna Malik Biography

Amna Malik Biography | Age, Family, Kids, Drama List

Amna Malik began her career in 2015 in the Pakistani drama industry. Having acted in various drama serials and TV shows, she is a talented actor and model. Furthermore, she is a stunning and gorgeous actress. Amna is well known for her adorable and attractive personality. She taught junior classes at Karachi City School for ...


Amar Khan Biography

Amar Khan Biography | Age, Mother, Drama List

Amar Khan is a well-known actress, model, writer, and director from Pakistan. She is a girl with many talents. Furthermore, she has a very fan following on social media. Amar Khan comes from an artistic family. Her mother is a well-known and senior Pakistani actress named Fareeha Jabeen. However, it was her exceptional acting abilities ...


Ali Safina Biography

Ali Safina Biography | Age, Wife, Dramas List

Ali Safina is a tall and good-looking Pakistani VJ, actor and model. He works in both films and television shows. Most people know him from his comedic parts. During her early years, his parents moved to Oman.  Ali was interested in business, but his parents wanted him to pursue his education after returning to his ...


Faysal Qureshi Biography

Faysal Qureshi Biography | Age, Family, Drama List

Faysal Qureshi is a famous Pakistani actor, model, host, writer, singer, and producer. He became well-known for hosting and is among the highest-paid actor in Pakistan. He appeared in several plays on Pakistani television, such as Bashar Momin, Baba Jani, Gustakh, and Fitoor. Furthermore, Faysal Quraishi worked in many hit Pakistani films. He is a ...


Noor ul Hassan Biography

Noor ul Hassan Biography | Age, Wife, Dramas List

Noor ul Hassan is a well-known television personality and actor  in Pakistan. His acting ability has made him renowned. He is one of the older performers that achieved great success in this industry. He starred in a number of movies and television series. His parts in Lamhay, Lashkara, and Meeras are what made him most ...


Uzma Hassan Biography

Uzma Hassan Biography | Age, Family, Drama List

Uzma Hassan is a well-known and beautiful actress and model from Pakistan. She is a very talented actress who has captured the hearts of millions with her perfect performance. Uzma has made appearances in a number of Pakistani dramas. Both in Pakistan and beyond the border, she has grown an extensive fan following. Let’s look ...


Haris Waheed Biography

Haris Waheed Biography | Age, Family, Drama List

A rising star in Pakistani dramas, Haris Waheed has risen among the industry’s successful actors. Supporting parts in plays like Sammi, Udaari, and Do Bol marked the start of his acting career. His well-known performances may be seen in Jhoom, Dil e Momin, Saaya 2, Mere Hamnasheen, etc. He belongs to the Kashmiri family. Furthermore, ...


Osama Tahir Biography

Osama Tahir Biography | Age, Family, Drama List

Osama Tahir is a talented drama and film actor from Pakistan who also works as a producer. Alongside Yumna Zaidi, he made his acting debut in the drama serial Dar Si Jati Hai Sila in 2017. He now co-stars with Durefishan Saleem in the drama serial Khaie, where he plays the character of Badal Khan. ...