Surah Quraish Benefits, Importance, and When to Read

Surah Quraish benefits

A powerful reminder of Allah’s blessings on unity, safety, and nourishment may be found in Surah Quraish, a chapter from the Holy Quran. This short surah—just four verses—conveys a powerful message that Muslims throughout the world may relate to. In this article, we explore the Surah Quraish benefits, meaning, when to read, and much more.

Meaning and Detail of Surah Quraish 

The Quran’s 106th chapter is titled Surah Quraish. This Surah has 4 verses or ayat. Its name originates from the Quraish family, who looked after the Kaaba and were well-known for their trade and hospitality to Mecca visitors. In light of the Quraish’s winter and summer caravan travels the surah emphasizes the significance of praising Allah, who has given them food and safety.

The Quraish are reminded in the surah to worship the Lord, who gave them protection and food. It draws attention to the connection between thankfulness and worship and wealth and security.

Surah Quraish benefits


Surah Quraish creates a feeling of satisfaction and thanks by urging believers to recognize and express their gratitude for Allah’s benefits.


Recitation regularly is said to provide travellers with safety and protection, similar to what the Quraish encountered on their caravan trips.


It also has a connection to the giving of sustenance, reminding the reciter of Allah’s boundless supply and encouraging them to put their faith in it.


The surah highlights the value of community and unity, considering how safety and wealth may promote closer social bonds.

Financial and Material Prosperity

Some individuals think that reciting Surah Quraish daily will bring about material and financial success.

When to Read

The Surah Quraish can be recited at any time because there is no set period given for doing so. But considering its message before setting out on a journey or at prayer times might be especially significant, serving as a reminder of Allah’s provision and protection.


The Quran’s Surah Quraish is a brief but profound chapter that captures the spirit of thankfulness, trust in Allah, and the value of oneness. Reciting it serves as a reminder of all the gifts we have received and the importance of praising the One who keeps us safe and meets our needs.


Does Surah Quraish help in weight loss?

No, but some people make up the myth that reading Surah Quraysh will help you lose weight.

What is the main idea of Surah Quraish?

The main idea of Surah Quraish is to capture the spirit of thankfulness, trust in Allah, and the value of oneness.

What is the other name for Surah Quraish?

Surah Quraish is also called “Eilaf”.