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Advance Balance Codes for Jazz, Ufone, Zong, and Telenor

Advance balance codes

Telecommunication networks have allowed easy communication among people. Whether you need to text, call or use the internet, these networks keep you covered. However, cellular networks have to be recharged to communicate with each other. But, sometimes, we come across some emergency situation when we get short of balance. In that case, all the networks provide an advance loan. So, get to know all the details about Advance Balance codes for jazz, Ufone, Zong, and Telenor. In case of making an emergency call, you must know the advance balance codes. They are there to help the customers in times of inconvenience. So, there are simple codes to get advance balance loans on your network.

Advance Balance Codes of All Networks

All the telecommunication networks provide this service through which customers can get rs. 15 to Rs. 50 advance balance. You have to repay that and pay a certain amount of fee for this service at the time of recharging your account. So, here you go with details about Advance balance codes for all networks.

Jazz Advance Balance Loan Code

Jazz Advance balance codes

Jazz offers an advance balance service when a customer’s balance goes below Rs 100.

Subscription: To get an advance loan, you have to dial *112# from your prepaid account.

Unsubscription: To unsubscribe to the advance balance service, dial *112*4#

Charges: The service provider charges Rs. 4.60 including the tax on your next recharge.

Warid Advance Balance Codes

Warid has been brought under the Jazz network so the two works provide the same offers with the same code. You can get a Rs 15 to Rs 30 advance loan.

Subscription: To get the advance balance on Warid, dial *112#

Unsubscribe: Dial *112*4#

Charges: The service charges are Rs. 4.60 including tax.

Ufone Loan Advance Balance Code


Ufone Advance balance codes

All the Ufone prepaid customers can get an Uadvance service when the balance drops below Rs. 11.95. The customers can avail of up to Rs 20 recharge that is repaid automatically at their next recharge.

Subscription: To get Uadvance, dial *456#

Charges: The charges for the Ufone Advance service are Rs. 4.40 including tax.

Telenor Advance Balance Code

Telenor loan code

Telenor does not have any restricting minimum balance requirement to get advanced balance. You can get up to a Rs 15 loan for 30 days.

Subscribe: You can get a Telenor advance loan by dialling *0#

Charges: Telenor charges Rs 3.5 (including tax) for this service.

Zong Advance Balance Code

To get Zong Advance Balance, your balance has to be below Rs 5. You can also get a second loan with Zong up to Rs 25 to 30.

Subscription of the first loan: *911#

Subscription of the second loan: send a blank tet to 6911

Charges of first loan: Rs. 3.5 including tax.

Charges of the second loan: Rs 7 including the tax on the loan of Rs 30.