Surah Maryam Benefits, Meaning, and When To Read

Surah Maryam benefits

The 19th chapter of the Quran, Surah Maryam, is special in Islamic literature because it emphasizes piety, justice, and Allah’s kindness to creation. This Surah, which bears the name of Mary (or Maryam in Arabic), the mother of the prophet Jesus (Isa), is notable for emphasizing the themes of faith, the wonders of Allah’s prophets, and the value of forgiveness and kindness. In this article, we explore the Surah Maryam benefits, meaning, timings and much more.

Meaning and Details of Surah Maryam 

Surah Maryam’s core themes include the worship of one god, Allah’s kindness, and the value of adhering to His instructions. This Surah has 98 verses, 1085 words, and 3863 letters. It tells various important tales, such as those of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham), Prophet Musa (Moses), and other prophets, illustrating their steadfast faith and devotion to Allah’s will. Nonetheless, the most well-known story emphasizes the strength of Allah and the value of pure faith. It concerns Maryam and the miraculous birth of Isa (Jesus) without a father.

Surah Maryam benefits

Ease in Hardships

Recitation regularly is said to alleviate hardships and offer consolation in trying circumstances.

Enhanced Faith

One’s faith and dependence on Allah can be reinforced by learning about the prophets’ exploits and their unwavering trust in Him.


It is believed to provide defence against both the tribulations of this life and the punishment of the hereafter.

Mercy and Forgiveness

The reciter may experience divine mercy and forgiveness by calling upon the Surah’s themes of mercy.

Desire to become parents 

Reciting Surah Al Maryam regularly can help couples who wish to have children, and if Allah so chooses, they may get blessings.

When to Read

Although Surah Maryam can be recited at any time, some traditions recommend timing it specifically to get the most advantages. As an example, because Fridays and the evenings have a particular meaning in Islam, it is advised to recite it at certain times. Pregnant women are also urged to recite Surah Maryam, which is based on Maryam’s own miraculous experience, to ask for blessings and ease during childbirth.


Surah Maryam is a spiritual trip that brightens the heart, improves faith, and serves as a reminder of Allah’s power and kindness. It invites Muslims to consider their own lives and advises them to be patient, faithful, and completely dependent on Allah’s plan. Let us try to live up to the values it praises as we repeat and consider its words, because this will lead us to a happy and moral existence.


What is the importance of Maryam?

It’s believed that Surah Maryam can help with labour and childbirth! It is also stated that the leaves are beneficial for conception and utilized to strengthen the womb.

What does Allah say about Maryam?

The Quran states: “O Mary, indeed Allāh has chosen you and purified you and chosen you above the women of the worlds.”.