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How to Block Extra SIM Card Against Your CNIC?

Block extra SIM cards

SIM cards can be used for varied crimes. Therefore, the government of Pakistan has made it compulsory to register them against one’s CNIC to prove their identity. So, a person can have a maximum of 5 cards against their name. So, if you have more than 5 cards, here is how to block extra SIM cards against your CNIC.

If anyone else gets access to your CNIC and registers a SIM card for criminal activities, the effects can come to you as the owner of the SIM. Thus, to escape from trouble, make sure that you know which SIM cards are registered against your CNIC.

How to Check the Number of SIMs issued against your CNIC?

To check the number and details of SIM cards issued on your CNIC, send your CNIC Number to 668. It will give you details about how many SIMS are issued under your name.

Block extra SIM cards

You can also check it online by using the website of the sim information system which is https://cnic.sims.pk/. Open the website, type your CNIC number and submit it to get the information.

How to Block Extra SIM cards on Your CNIC?

Block extra SIM cards

If you see extra Sim cards issued under your name that you do not know about, you should visit the authorities to get them blocked. Visit the nearest Franchise or Customer Care centre to get the extra SIMs block. But, if you cannot visit the franchise or Customer care centre, you can call their helpline to talk to their representative. Here are the helpline numbers of every telecommunication network in Pakistan.

Jazz Helpline

The Jazz Helpline number is 111 if you are calling using your mobile phone. If you are calling via landline, you can talk to the customer care representative by calling on 111-300-300.

Warid Helpline Number

After the merger of Jazz and Warid, you can use the above-mentioned helping numbers if you are a Warid user.

Ufone Helpline number

You can call the Ufone helpline number to know details about SIM cards against your CNIC or block them. If you are calling from your mobile phone, dial 333. But, if you are calling from your landline, dial 033-11-333-100.

Zong Helpline Number

To talk to a Zong customer care representative, dial 310 from your mobile phone or 111-222-111.

Telenor Helpline Number

To block extra Sim cards against your CNIC, dial 345 from your mobile phone or +92 42 111 345 100.

YOu can talk to the representative at each helpline number and know about the process of blocking SIM cards that are not in your use.