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NADRA Fee Schedule 2023 For All of Its CNIC Services

NADRA Fee Schedule 2023

As a citizen of one country, it is a must for everyone to hold a National Identity Card. To do this, we have NADRA in action to issue CNIC, FRC, and NICOPs for everyone residing in Pakistan. NADRA has smoothened many of its processes by expanding its locations and allowing the issuance of CNIC from e-Khidamt Markaz. If you are looking for the costs of issuing, reprinting, renewing, or verification of your CNIC, here is a detailed NADRA fee schedule 2023.

NADRA issues Computerised National Identity Cards (CNIC) to all the citizens of Pakistan who are 18 or above in age. It also issues Smart Card with an integrated circuit chip and digital information which allows easy verification of your identity. If anyone wants to switch from a normal CNIC to Smart Card, they can do so online by uploading a picture and providing the fingerprint impression.


As for the time duration, the normal CNIC takes 45 working days with the normal fee and 25 working days with an urgent fee. But you can get a Smart Card within 7 working days. The fee may vary according to the service that you are availing of.

If you want the issuance of a new CNIC or Smart Card, you do not need to pay before the start of the application. However, if you want to renew or modify your existing documents, you need to pay the fee before starting your application process. Let’s look into the details of NADRA Fee Schedule 2023.

NADRA Fee Schedule 2023 for CNIC

NADRA Fee Schedule 2023

New CNICPKR 0PKR 1150PKR 2150
CNIC ModificationPKR 400PKR 1150PKR 2150
CNIC DuplicatePKR 400PKR 1150PKR 2150
CNIC RenewalPKR 400PKR 1150PKR 2150
New Smart NICPKR 750PKR 1500PKR 2500
Smart NIC ModificationPKR 750PKR 1500PKR 2500
Smart NIC DuplicatePKR 750PKR 1500PKR 2500
Smart NIC RenewalPKR 750PKR 1500PKR 2500
CNIC Cancellation (Due to death)PKR 50
CRC New/Duplicate/ModificationPKR 50PKR 500
FRCPKR 1000PKR 1000

Fee for National Identity Card For Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP)

NADRA Fee Schedule 2023

For Zone A

Zone A
New NICOP$36 (USD)$54 (USD)$72 (USD)
NICOP Modification$36 (USD)$54 (USD)$72 (USD)
NICOP Duplicate$36 (USD)$54 (USD)$72 (USD)
NICOP Renewal$36 (USD)$54 (USD)$72 (USD)
New Smart NICOP$39 (USD)$57 (USD)$75 (USD)
Smart NICOP Modification$39 (USD)$57 (USD)$75 (USD)
Smart NICOP Duplicate$39 (USD)$57 (USD)$75 (USD)
Smart NICOP Renewal$39 (USD)$57 (USD)$75 (USD)

For Zone B

Zone B
New NICOP$17 (USD)$27 (USD)$37 (USD)
NICOP Modification$17 (USD)$27 (USD)$37 (USD)
NICOP Duplicate$17 (USD)$27 (USD)$37 (USD)
NICOP Renewal$17 (USD)$27 (USD)$37 (USD)
New Smart NICOP$20 (USD)$30 (USD)$40 (USD)
Smart NICOP Modification$20 (USD)$30 (USD)$40 (USD)
Smart NICOP Duplicate$20 (USD)$30 (USD)$40 (USD)
Smart NICOP Renewal$20 (USD)$30 (USD)$40 (USD)

The above-mentioned USD prices in the NADRA Fee Schedule 2023 will be charged in Pakistani Rupees. at the time of application, the applicants have to pay according to the existing USD rate against the Pakistani rupee and it may fluctuate accordingly.