MTag Registration Centers in Lahore


  • There are multiple MTag registration centers in Lahore.
  • You can go to the nearest MTag registration center in your vehicle to get your MTag sticker.
  • You must have at least PKR 500 to apply for MTag registration.

Are you looking for MTag registration centers in Lahore? We have got you covered. Below is a comprehensive index of MTag Registration Centers in Lahore, along with detailed instructions on completing your MTag registration process at these specified centers spread throughout the provincial metropolis. Per the Lahore High Court (LHC) orders, the National Highway and Motorway Police (NHMP) have made it obligatory to possess an MTag for traveling on the Motorway from 7th December 2021.

MTag Registration Centers in Lahore

List of MTag Registration Centers in Lahore

  1. Lahore Ring Road Fazaia MTag Center
  2. Lahore Ring Road Nawaz Sharif MTAG Center
  3. Lahore Ring Road Abdullah Gul MTAG
  4. Ravi Entry
  5. Ravi MTP
  6. Ravi Exit
  7. Ravi CCC
  8. Motorway Toll Plaza

Documents Required for MTag Registration

To facilitate commuters, the M-Tag registration process has been made hassle-free and straightforward, with only two mandatory documents required, i.e., CNIC and car registration number. It is essential to note that these requirements are temporary. The previous conditions for M-Tag registration encompassed CNIC, car registration book, and driver’s license, which has now been put on hold.

MTag Registration Centers in Lahore

How to Recharge MTag?

Charging your MTag is super easy. When traveling through the motorway, you may need to recharge your MTag once the credit goes empty. Please note that the NHA administration may not allow you to travel with an empty MTag. The good news is you can recharge your account using multiple methods according to your suitability. We have listed each one below to help you pick the best option.

  1. Drive Through
  2. Jazz Cash
  3. EasyPaisa
  4. UPaisa
  5. Main Service Areas on Motorway
  6. One Network Mobile App

MTag Registration Centers in Lahore


How to get MTag from Lahore?

  • Go to your nearest toll plaza in the vehicle you want to travel with.
  • Provide your CNIC.
  • Provide complete vehicle details as inquired by the team.
  • Provide your active phone number.
  • Receive your MTag sticker.

Is MTag free?

Travelers must have at least PKR 500 when applying for MTag. You can call the NHA helpline to know more details.

What is the helpline for MTag?

The helpline for MTag is 1313. You can also call 0310-0111130.