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How to Register Complaints to FIA About Cyber Crimes?

Register complaints to FIA

With the increased use of social media and the internet, many people have gained numerous benefits. At the same time, it can be tormenting for people because cyberbullying and blackmailing have become quite common on social media. To protect the citizens, Government established Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) where citizens can register complaints about blackmailing and cyberbullying.

A lot of people are now involved in cyberbullying, online terrorism, blasphemy on social media, and blackmail. Therefore, FIA has introduced an online procedure to register complaints about blackmailing and cyberbullying. So, citizens can easily file their complaints online to let FIA investigate their problems.

If you are a social media user and face threats from someone, FIA is there to help you. To get assistance you do not need to visit any offices physically. Here is a complete procedure for how to register complaints about cyberbullying online.

How to Register Complaints to FIA about Blackmailing and Cyberbullying online?

Register complaints to FIA

FIA has introduced an online system named National Response Center for Cyber Crime (Nr3C) to cope with online harassment, bullying, blasphemy, hacking and much more. You can register your complaint with Nr3C. It is important to provide your personal information while filing a complaint. Because FIA does not accept anonymous complaints.

For registering a complaint, the applicant has to write detailed information regarding their tissue. You can write an application in English or Urdu in which you have to state your problem with as much clarity and evidence as possible.

You can send your complaint to the following address:

Project Director

National Response Center for Cyber Crime

FIA Head Quarter, G-9/4, Islamabad.

Online complaints addresses

Register complaints to FIA

You can send your online complaint using email or telephone or on the FIA’s website. While complaining via the website, you have to fill in an application form by providing all the required information.

Email address: [email protected]

Helpline: 11-345-786

When you register a complaint to FIA about blackmailing and cyberbullying via email, FIA gives a response within 24 hours. Moreover, you also get a tracking number to see the status of your report. For further information, contact Nr3C at the following help desks:

Email: [email protected]

Helpline: 1991