Top 5 Ice Cream Shop’s In Lahore Serving Tawa Ice Cream

If you’re looking for places to get the best taste in Lahore, you’ve to come to the right location. The greatest places to buy “rolled ice cream” in the flavor of your choice are listed below;

Top 5 Ice Cream Shop’s In Lahore Serving Tawa Ice Cream

Ice Cream Ice Curl


The three Ice Curl locations in Lahore are the Fortress Square Mall, Sector D Bahria Town, and Emporium Mall. It recently opened a new branch in the Gulberg neighborhood. One of Lahore’s greatest rolled ice creams is being served there. 


Ice Rolls, Ice cream


Both MM Alam Road and Bahria Town in Lahore are home to Ice Rolls locations. Customers at ICEROLLS Ice Cream receive a full ice cream experience. Each batch of ice cream is made using the best regional ingredients, frequently purchased directly from Pakistani farmers.


Chaudhary Ice cream


Lahore is home to two locations of this ice cream shop. One is in Johar Town, and the other is in DHA. They offer fresh fruits, chocolates, and other items of your choice, along with ice rolls prepared with 100% pure natural milk. 


Curly Bites Ice cream Shop


Curly Bites’s ice cream shop has locations in the Amanah Mall, Xinhua Mall, and H block DHA. With 100% pure dairy ingredients and imported toppings, your ice cream rolls are made right in front of you. They have effectively managed their client service. Their ice 


Soff Ice Ice cream


With its two branches, Soff Ice is now providing service. One is in Pasco Society, while the other is in Karim Block, Allama Iqbal Town. Soff Ice offers its clients delicious and freshly made ice cream rolls like all other ice roll restaurants. These ice rolls are delicious when topped with fresh fruits and nuts.