Netflix Packages Pakistan – Netflix Subscription Price – 2024


  • Netflix Basic Plan costs PKR 450/month
  • Netflix Standard Plan costs PKR 800/month
  • Netflix Premium Plan costs PKR 1,100/month

Netflix Packages Pakistan

Netflix is known for its original content, which includes critically acclaimed TV shows and movies like Stranger Things, The Crown, House of Cards, Narcos, and Bird Box. It also features content from various studios and networks, including Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures, and Disney. One of the biggest advantages of Netflix is its convenience, as users can access content on-demand and binge-watch their favorite shows and movies at their own pace. Netflix has also introduced various packages to cater to the needs of its users, including the mobile-only plan, the basic plan, the standard plan, and the premium plan, all of which offer different features and streaming quality at different price points. With its vast content library, original programming, and user-friendly interface, Netflix has become a popular entertainment destination for people of all ages and preferences. Today, we will share all the details about the Netflix packages Pakistan.

Netflix Packages Pakistan

Popular Netflix Packages in Pakistan

Below are the Netflix packages in Pakistan you can subscribe to for daily usage.

Netflix Basic Plan

The Netflix Basic Plan, which costs Rs. 450 per month, also provides access to the complete video catalog available in the region but is limited to a single screen at a time. Additionally, the streaming quality is limited to Standard Definition (SD).

Netflix Packages Pakistan

Netflix Standard Plan

For those looking for more features, the Netflix Standard Plan is available at Rs. 800 per month. This package allows for streaming on two screens simultaneously and also includes the ability to create multiple profiles within the account. The streaming quality is improved in this package, with the option to stream in High Definition (HD), although Ultra High Definition (UHD) is unavailable.

Netflix Premium Plan

The Netflix Premium Plan, available at Rs. 1,100 per month, offers the most comprehensive package with the ability to stream on four screens at once, along with the option for UHD streaming. This package is ideal for larger families or groups of friends who want to share an account and enjoy high-quality streaming at the same time.


What is the price of the Netflix Basic Plan in Pakistan?

You can buy the Netflix Basic Plan subscription in Pakistan for PKR 450/Month.

What is the price of the Netflix Premium Plan in Pakistan?

You can buy the Netflix Premium Plan subscription for PKR 1,100/Month.