Top 5 Pakistani Romantic Novel Writers

When it comes to romance writing then nothing can match the spark of Pakistani novels. There’s surely something special about Pakistani romantic novels since they introduce us to a true, platonic kind of love. Whether the story has a happy ending or sad, the way our Pakistani writers present it is worth praising. Let’s read this article to know about the Top 5 Pakistani Romantic Novel Writers.

Areej Shah 

Areej  Shah is one of Pakistan’s best romance novelists whose talent knows no bounds. She has the skill to make her readers dive into the imaginary world within a minute. Some of her most popular and worth-reading novels are as follows:

  •  Rooh. e. Yaram
  •  Yare Mann
  •  Inteha Ishq 

Zeenia Sharjeel

Zeenia Sharjeel is a talented Pakistani novelist who has never failed to amaze and impress her readers. She perfectly covers every typical love, relationship, and marriage twist that we all prefer reading. Here are some of her best romance novels that you should check out:

  • You are mine
  • Dil hara
  • Sham e Intiqam

Nimra Ahmad

Nimra Ahmad is considered the queen of the Pakistani novel industry. The way she unfolds the story; develops the characters, and resolves the conflict is worth praising. Some of her famous romantic novels which you would love to read are as follows:

  • Namal
  • Halim
  • Mala

Sumaira Hameed

Samira Hameed is a skilled Pakistani novel writer who has a talent for crafting enchanting romance stories that quickly draw readers in and leave them feeling emotionally invested. Here are some of her finest romantic novels that you should read:

  • Twaafe ishq
  • Yaram
  • Umul Yaqeen

Haram Shah 

Haram Shah is another prominent name in the world of Pakistani romance novels. She surely has a unique talent for creating remarkable characters and presenting them in a captivating way. Here are some of her best romantic writings:

  • Manzil e Ishq 
  • Kaif e Junoon
  • Safar e Zeest 

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