General Tyre price list 2023

Tyres are a staple for any vehicle, without which they are unable to function. Pakistan’s car after market is flooded with numerous brands, both, local and imported. Honestly, it actually gets really confusing when it comes to making a decision. While we may not have a decisive answer for you on what brand to go for, we can make the make it a little easier for you. This piece will provide you with a detailed summary of General Tyre price list for 2023.

General Tyre Price List

General Tyre Company Overview

General Tyres (GTR) are the first & largest automotive tyre manufacturer in the country producing steel belted tubeless radial tyres for cars and light commercial vehicles. While bias or cross ply tyres for some light trucks, trucks/buses, tractors, rickshaw and motorcycle. The production of SUV tyre and some OTR tyres are also about to be begun.

The Company caters four different markets. The Original Equipment Manufacturers (vehicle assemblers), replacement or the after market, government Departments/Institution and  export market. GTR sells its tyres in replacement market through more than 165 nationwide authorized dealers/distributors most of whom have been working with GTR for more than three generations setting a milestone on customer loyalty and satisfaction.

General Tyre Price List 2023

The current General Tyre rate list in Pakistan includes passenger car and light truck. You can get more details on prices for tractor, motorcycle, and rickshaw tires buy calling their UAN at +92 21 111 487 487.

General Tyre for Passenger Car Prices 2023

General Tyre Model & SizePrice (PKR)
Euro Tycoon 145/80-R13 Tyre PriceRs. 5700
Euro Glide 185/70 R-13 Tyre PriceRs. 6950
Euro Kompact 145/80-R12 Tyre PriceRs. 5600
Radial ST Tyre PriceNA
XP 2000 II 155/80 R-13 Tyre PriceRs. 6300
Euro Kruze 165/65 R-13 Tyre PriceRs. 6000
BG Tempo Plus Tyre PriceNA
BG Trako Plus 185/60 R15 Tyre PriceRs. 7000
Euro Star 195/65-R15 Tyre PriceRs. 8800
BG Falcon 185/65-R15 Tyre PriceRs. 8500
BG Luxo Plus 195/60 R-16 Tyre PriceRs. 7850
BG Thunder 205/55-R16 Tyre PriceRs. 9950
BG Traker Tyre PriceNA
BG Econo Tyre PriceNA
BG Performa Tyre PriceNA

General Tyre for Crossovers Prices 2023

Suv/Crossovers ModelsPrice (PKR)
BG Max Sport Tyre PriceRs. NA
BG Raptor 225/55 R 18 Tyre PriceRs. 21600

Here you have a summary of General Tyre price list. Be sure to visit their website for more information.