Honda CD 70 2023 Price in Pakistan

Honda CD 70 is undoubtedly the most famous motorbike in Pakistan. According to reports, even in this economic crisis, CD 70 is still doing better than its competitors in terms of sales. Whether one prefers reliability, good fuel mileage, or even re-sale value, it is everyone’s go-to choice for a two-wheeler ride. You’d be lying if you never wanted to own one yourself. Today we give you a Honda CD 70 rider review.

Honda has a lot of competition in the 70cc category. Even after giving consumers an exact replica at a much lower price. Motorbike manufacturers still struggle to surpass CD 70. This is because Honda manages to offer what the rest fail to. Durability and reliability. But to be honest, apart form this, Honda has been unable to offer anything else for the past 30 years. CD 70 has not even experienced a face lift since it’s inception. in fact, the only thing that seems to change is the price tag, that too every few months. Let’s have a deeper dive into the CD 70 price and specs.

Honda CD 70 Review:


The overall exterior design of the bike is aerodynamic with a sporty touch. The interior has equipped with modern and high-tech machinery that makes it ideal. Honda CD 70 has high-quality shock absorbers, making it an excellent ride on uneven roads. Let’s talk about the CD 70 engine and transmission.

CD 70 Engine and Transmission

The Honda CD 70 provides an excellent blend of Japanese high-tech engines of the ’80s. With the introduction of Euro 2 technology in 2012, the company made numerous changes to the shape of the engine and carburetor. A 72cc engine displacement with a 4-stock single-cylinder OHC air-cooled engine powers it. Generating a maximum 5.2 horsepower @ 7500 rpm and 5Nm of torque @ 500 rpm torque. CD 70 delivers maximum fuel economy and emits less smoke. It has a top speed of 97 kilometers per hour.

Honda CD 70 consists of 4-speed constant mesh transmission with multiple wet clutch plates with markings for gear range. Shifting gears on this bike has a smooth click to it. The final drive is a chain which delivers most of the power generated by the engine to the tire.

Fuel Economy

Honda CD 70’s fuel tank capacity is 8.5 liters (1.0 liters in reserve). It gives you an average mileage of 60 kilometers per liter. Although the new carburetor upgrades help get closer to the company’s claimed figures (70-75km/h).

Best aspects & features

The best thing about this 70cc is the fuel average. The carburettor upgrades help in getting closer to the company’s claimed figures. Under ideal conditions, the Honda CD 70’s fuel average is about 70 kilometres per litre. It offers a comfortable ride with quality seating, smooth suspension and a straight riding position.

Another reason which attracts consumers is the super easy maintenance and readily available spare parts. A timely oil change and check-up will last you a lifetime. This all adds to n excellent resale value, which, although mentioned last, is the second best thing about this motorbike.

 CD 70 Price

Currently, Honda CD 70 is priced at PKR 144,900. To combat nd ease customers in these economic conditions, Honda has collaborated with banks to offer easy installment schemes. Some of which even offer 0% mark-up for one year. Be sure to check it out.

Final Thoughts

Honda CD 70 is a high-performing, reliable motorbike. Like any machine, it’s not perfect but delivers on its promise. This was Honda CD 70 price and review. Remember, it’s always more fun when you ride safely and responsibly.